Check out my channel or what I like to call a 24/7 "live" stream of selected video work.   Read More

I made a portrait of my daughter out of wire.  She turn 3 years old this summer. Read More

Wrapping up the companion website for my interactive media installation.  The website will tell the story and the installation will the reenactment of it. Check it out:   Read More

New work in progress for upcoming show in Oxford, Mississippi!  I'm creating a custom software that plays spoken words on command. Read More

I'm being tasked with integrating VR into my classes next year and it reminded me of a pic I took when I was watching "Murder, She Wrote." If Jessica Fletcher solved a crime in VR, maybe I should just embrace ...Read More

I gave him my cold and he said "thanks." Read More

I work with teens as they make art with computers.  I enjoy the work I do, but am wondering how other teaching/working artist find time or the motivation to work on personal projects? From time to time I open up old ...Read More

"Tiny worlds can be vulnerable places…" (Terrarium Craft) In my research for a new project I'm working on, I came across a lovely book called Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello, Kate Bryant, and Kate Baldwin. Pictured above are some succulents ...Read More

Still from Ordnance Ordinance conceptualized and shot on Kahoolawe, HI. Read More

My fascination with Hawaii's dependency on tourism began when I was 15 years old working in a t-shirt shop on Kalakaua Avenue.  My time perpetuating the "aloha spirit" to visitors selling over prices t-shirts has influence my work for the ...Read More