My fascination with Hawaii’s dependency on tourism began when I was 15 years old working in a t-shirt shop on Kalakaua Avenue.  My time perpetuating the “aloha spirit” to visitors selling over prices t-shirts has influence my work for the past decade.  As part of this body of work, I’m beginning to work on a new series of videos and computer art work that center around Waikiki.

The working title of one of the videos is called “Waikiki Sign.”  The looping video will show a computer generated 3D sign that reads “Waikiki” erected on the crest of Diamond Head.  The Waikiki sign will be an imitation of the famous Hollywod sign.  As with it’s famous counter part, the Waikiki sign embodies ideas of paradise that people seek and dream about.

Here is a concept painting of how the video will look.  I conceived of this video as a a real life-size replica installed on Diamond Head.  The video acts as one-part visualization and one-part placeholder.  (JG 1/2012)


Update: Here is a screenshot of the initial video render. (JG 11/12)