I’m finally putting aside time to update my site.  It’s been 10 years since I made the site and it is need of a major redesign.  I teach web design fundamentals to high schoolers and over the years have gotten better in basic web development.  Looking at my old code makes me cringe a bit–it’s really messy.  So, this house needs some cleaning-up and I wanted to start with moving my videos over to YouTube.  I used Vimeo Pro previously and then hardly used it.  Vimeo Pro quality and customization options are really good and nice to have, but now moving videos over to YouTube for a quick and free way to house my videos in one place.  I’m still able to embed the videos with some customizing and am happy with a full-screen, autoplay, loop set-up.  Check out my channel or what I like to call a 24/7 “live” stream of selected video work.