I made a portrait of my daughter out of wire.  She turn 3 years old this summer. Read More

"Hawaiian" Pineapple An unlikely history of the pineapple is constructed through a synthesis of plantation laborer and Hawaiian histories in recent videos by Jen Goya. +A Log of the Overthrow will broadcast on Olelo Community Television on December 21, 2010. +Pineapple Worker ...Read More

Pineapple Worker One of three videos in part of series of work that examines the pineapple's connection to Hawaii. Venicia Guiala worked for Dole Plantation for over 25 years. She explains how she prepared for work in the hot ...Read More

The Tree On Quincy Street is a series of photographs that documents tree types located on Quincy Street in Bed-Stuy. An audio recording is paired with each photo that describes the data I collected while photographing these trees in October ...Read More