My fascination with Hawaii's dependency on tourism began when I was 15 years old working in a t-shirt shop on Kalakaua Avenue.  My time perpetuating the "aloha spirit" to visitors selling over prices t-shirts has influence my work for the ...Read More

Note:  So these next few postings were for a class and created these blog entries to present my idea for a cool interactive TV game show. A new game show following the popular Atari Pong format takes interactive and public access ...Read More

Ping Pong TV brings public art into the private sphere, while inviting viewers to make their own 3D glasses and hack common household items to construct one-of-a-kind game controllers. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the existing modes of TV interactivity ...Read More

Though you can’t win a game of ping pong on Ping Pong TV, you can be apart of the resurrection of Pong’s Cowboy wife Doreen. One of the website’s features allows the user to upload a profile picture, which is then ...Read More

A summary of what Ping Pong TV is and why it was created. Ping Pong TV on one level is an interactive public access television show that broadcasts stereoscopic images for 30 minutes. And on another level Ping Pong TV ...Read More