I'm finally putting aside time to update my site.  It's been 10 years since I made the site and it is need of a major redesign.  I teach web design fundamentals to high schoolers and over the years have gotten ...Read More

I'm being tasked with integrating VR into my classes next year and it reminded me of a pic I took when I was watching "Murder, She Wrote." If Jessica Fletcher solved a crime in VR, maybe I should just embrace ...Read More

I gave him my cold and he said "thanks." Read More

I work with teens as they make art with computers.  I enjoy the work I do, but am wondering how other teaching/working artist find time or the motivation to work on personal projects? From time to time I open up old ...Read More

One of my teachers asked me in grad school, what I wanted to do after I completed my MFA.  I told him I wanted to make art and teach youth in Hawaii.  I graduated and will be teaching grades 9-12th ...Read More

Outside my window, there's a tree and a dog running. Read More