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I made a portrait of my daughter out of wire.  She turn 3 years old this summer. Read More

I'm being tasked with integrating VR into my classes next year and it reminded me of a pic I took when I was watching "Murder, She Wrote." If Jessica Fletcher solved a crime in VR, maybe I should just embrace ...Read More

I gave him my cold and he said "thanks." Read More

I work with teens as they make art with computers.  I enjoy the work I do, but am wondering how other teaching/working artist find time or the motivation to work on personal projects? From time to time I open up old ...Read More

One of my teachers asked me in grad school, what I wanted to do after I completed my MFA.  I told him I wanted to make art and teach youth in Hawaii.  I graduated and will be teaching grades 9-12th ...Read More

Outside my window, there's a tree and a dog running. Read More