One of my teachers asked me in grad school, what I wanted to do after I completed my MFA.  I told him I wanted to make art and teach youth in Hawaii.  I graduated and will be teaching grades 9-12th ...Read More

"Hawaiian" Pineapple An unlikely history of the pineapple is constructed through a synthesis of plantation laborer and Hawaiian histories in recent videos by Jen Goya. +A Log of the Overthrow will broadcast on Olelo Community Television on December 21, 2010. +Pineapple Worker ...Read More

Pineapple Worker One of three videos in part of series of work that examines the pineapple's connection to Hawaii. Venicia Guiala worked for Dole Plantation for over 25 years. She explains how she prepared for work in the hot ...Read More

A Log of the Overthrow One of three videos in part of series of work that examines the pineapple's connection to Hawaii. This piece acknowledges the wrongful overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom and how the pineapple is linked to that ...Read More

Outside my window, there's a tree and a dog running. Read More

The Lychee Tree is an experimental documentary about my grandpa's extraordinary relationship he had with his lychee tree in Nu'uanu, Hawaii.  You may view the entire film online or select certain clips to learn more about the film's non-traditional structure.  ...Read More

The Tree On Quincy Street is a series of photographs that documents tree types located on Quincy Street in Bed-Stuy. An audio recording is paired with each photo that describes the data I collected while photographing these trees in October ...Read More

Note:  So these next few postings were for a class and created these blog entries to present my idea for a cool interactive TV game show. A new game show following the popular Atari Pong format takes interactive and public access ...Read More

Ping Pong TV brings public art into the private sphere, while inviting viewers to make their own 3D glasses and hack common household items to construct one-of-a-kind game controllers. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the existing modes of TV interactivity ...Read More

Though you can’t win a game of ping pong on Ping Pong TV, you can be apart of the resurrection of Pong’s Cowboy wife Doreen. One of the website’s features allows the user to upload a profile picture, which is then ...Read More